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●'There are always some guys who are different... I've seen Dexter [Manley] crying his eyes out when we visited little kids. There was such a good part of him.'

-Joe Gibbs, Washington Redskins Coach, 2006

'Dexter Manley is an inspiration to all of us here at the National Prostate Cancer Coalition'

-Chief Executive Officer Richard Atkins, 2006


●'Dexter Manley was one of the most feared defensive linemen during his days in the National Football League'

-Greg Katz,, 2006


● 'One of the most incredible physical talents I've ever seen'

-Mark May's Tales From the Washington Redskins, 2005


►‘I want to build my life and put it back together again. I’m going to make smart decisions. I have a willingness to stay sober’

- Dexter Manley, 2004


►‘But I have to say, no matter what I did, I did it to myself. If you can tell those guys playing in the Super Bowl one thing, tell them this – don’t take my road. Don’t let football use you. Use football. Maximize it. Walk the straight line. Don’t be another Dexter Manley. Please, don’t be another Dexter Manley’

- Dexter Manley, 2004


►‘The Beast, cocaine, is the only thing that could stop me. I had so much going on but drugs, cocaine, crack, the Beast, it ruled my life, controlled my very being. Otherwise, I couldn’t be stopped’

- Dexter Manley, 2004


●‘Oh, Dexter was a monster. He was as physically gifted a football player as I’ve ever seen’

- Charles Mann, 2004


●‘You didn’t fail sir. The system failed you.’

- Democratic Senator Barbara Mikulski at Senate committee on illiteracy, 1989


►‘It just doesn’t feel the same, it seems like the towns in an uproar I guess because Mikhail Gorbachev is here. Its kind of slowing things down. I wish he’d get the hell out of town. The Redskins – Cowboys game is bigger than what’s happening at the summit’

- Dexter Manley, 1987


►‘I want everyone to know my name’

- Dexter Manley, 1982





● Compassion ● Literacy ●  Motivation



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